Pet supplies

Every pet needs a treat and a toy! We have what you need, we can safely say that we have a toy for pets of all ages and lifestyles. Not only do we provide chew toys, we have endless flavors of treats for all animals.

Need a new collar? We have a huge variety of collars, leaches, and harnesses. 

Along with the name you trust such as: Adams, Happy Jack, Frontline, Advantix, Capstar, Biospot, and more. We carry many natural supplements to enhance skin coat, growth, and all over healthy development.

We have the perfect home to fit your dog! We provide handmade wooden dog houses ranging from XXS-XXL, also carrying wire crates ranging from small to giant.

We have chain link dog kennels in sizes: 10X10X6 and 7X7X4

We also can provide you with bedding for your animals! We have pine or cedar shavings.